if DES not exist, cp -r SRC DES will create this folder and put all files from SRC in (copy but rename or copy but don't include parent folder).

iptable could work with cgroup option


rust as well as sea-orm is not happy to use :(


We are pleased to announce the release of Alpine Linux 3.20.1. This release includes various bug fixes and security updates, including security fixes for:


- CVE-2024-4741


- CVE-2023-42364
- CVE-2023-42365

See: alpinelinux.org/posts/Alpine-3


renew is easy, just run

certbot renew

only thing need do is free 80 port

vscode remote ssh now has special check (and build) for Alpine Linux, we only need

  • bash : run check script
  • curl : download remote server
  • libstdc++ : node.js runtime depends
  • procps-ng : get pid when server start
  • git : vsc feature use it (optinal)

#AlpineLinux #VSCode

take three days of Dragon Boat Festival vacation, i finally understand SeaORM's basic concept and make it start to run.🥳😦😵🥺

"Entity" is need while "Migration" could be ignored (just for me)

#rust #orm #rogit #sqlite